Hopi Law Enforcement (HLES) : Reporting & Response Guide Available

Community Organizations and HLES Develop a Reporting & Response Guide based on Local Community Feedback

In partnership with Villages Against Meth (VAM), Hopi Law Enforcement Services (HLES) and Hopi-Tewa community members, a guide was developed to help create a bridge between HLES and the community in reporting & responding to local concerns.

Be a good witness and responder

- Villages Against Meth & Hopi Law Enforcement Services



VAM requested an opportunity to collaborate with HLES to support the community concerns that reflected gaps in communication, uncertainty around the requirements to report, fear of retaliation, substance abuse and behaviors relating to substance abuse.

Joint effort to create this guide was based on strong desire voiced from participating community feedback and organizations to establish a direct relationship with law enforcement in order to develop a protocol and channels of communication in an effort to effectively address community concerns.

During the process of developing the Reporting & Response Protocol, HLES participated in a facilitated presentation during the Meth & Community Summit held on December 4, 2019 in Kykotsmovi, Arizona. This provided a space and opportunity for dialog between community members and law enforcement. Community members were able to provide input and law enforcement representatives were able to provide response to key items.

The final contribution of the Reporting & Response Protocols will be shared with the community, local programs and resources. It will also be shared through various community channels including HTMC website.
As the Hopi-Tewa community, you are encouraged to share this information and build an understanding of what information is helpful when reporting as a concerned citizen to H.L.E.S.