Message from Hopi-Tewa Community Movement :

As news of the COVID-19 virus posing a risk to our local and neighboring communities, HTCM will continue to do its best to distribute accurate information in a timely manner.
As a community resource, we will be providing the following information and resources:

  • Frequent updates on our front page
  • Updates on our Facebook page Hopi-Tewa Community Movement
  • Resources from CDC, recommended practices and more information on preventing the spread of the coronavirus as it is commonly referred to as.
  • A single page of Facebook feeds from organizations and schools to refer to for individual information
  • Village information as it is shared with us

We will update and make these available as they are developed. HTCM asks that our community continues to be a proactive and empowered community, utilizing our traditional upbringing and views in how we address these recent events. As a community and as Hopi, this will be a test of perseverance and suminangwa – consider each other’s safety and health. Take care of our elders and as we move forward – how we approach this and put into action will be a valuable lesson for generations to come.