Mission Statement

Hopi & Tewa Community Movement (HTCM) is a community-based group that is focused on addressing issues that affect Hopi and Tewa way of life. We are committed to providing critical information and empower community active participation in issues that affect our community.
The organization is made up of people who are motivated to work within the community and Hopi Tribal system. They’re concern for the current state of Hopi and future generations is the primary reason this group was organized. As part of this movement, there is a shared common ground based around the need to protect and defend the traditional way of life as well as those areas held sacred. This includes the healthy and well-being of our people.

-Hopi & Tewa Community Movement (HTCM)



HTCM Disclaimer

HTCM is a community driven organization that is self sustaining entity based on community member involvement and contribution. It has no political, group or business affiliation or financial sponsorship in order to maintain the integrity of this community movement. It is, however, HTCM's goal to empower and share community programs and tribal information that exist on Hopi and are of interest to Hopi members. We will feature events and posts by contributors that are within the lines of our mission and goals at our discretion.

We encourage active participation in our tribal government and respect the relationship we have as positive community members. Information and news regarding tribal government activities will be presented as released by POIC and without opinion.